Upcoming Books

Watch this space for sneak peeks at my upcoming books!

Mind Matters: Book 2 CONTROL

Publication date: 25 October 2013

MM2, Control

An open mind sees more than a closed one.

When an accident causes Megan Aldritch’s mind to be flung open wide, she is privy to more information than some people are comfortable with her knowing. To protect Megan, and his plans to use her, Doctor Paul Remsem must call upon colleagues who operate beyond the boundaries of government and law. National police forces and spies seek to thwart the good doctor’s plans while Megan exacts revenge against a panty thief and the ones who sought to mould her mind.

Two opposing forces struggle for control of Megan’s body while two minds wrestle for control inside her. One group seeks to spread Megan’s legs. The other fights to keep her knees together. Andrew, the occasional occupant of Apartment Number 2, is all for the spreading of Megan’s legs. He’s just not sure he’s clear on the whole concept behind why they have to do it.

Hideous consequences are meted out in horrific fashion. Megan gets a hand from her childhood friend, Dirk, even though she’s not sure he completely fits her newly refreshed memories of her younger days. A trio of misfit, vertically-challenged, radicals, fighting for what they believe in, come to Megan and Dirk’s aid in odd ways, their cause urging them on.

The course of future events can be affected by the actions of a single individual. The upstarts against the status quo seek to shape the decisions made and the courses followed, until those events are shaped to their liking.

Find out who gets on top and who goes down in Mind Matters: Book 2 Control.

The future of humanity rests in one woman’s bed.





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