Hi there, Kinksters & Kinkettes!

I’m an erotica writer whose debut book, Mind Matters, Book 1: Confusion is available on Smashwords.

I’m a motivational and relationship therapist by day, erotica author all other times, and I’m told I eat too much fruit (is there seriously such a thing as too much fruit?). Mind you, no one has ever complained about my banana eating, and I’ve popped a few cherries in my time. I enjoy my coffee, joe, java, mud or whatever you want to call the thick brown eye-opening elixir stronger than most can handle it, and as creepy and ‘stalkerish’ as this might sound, I sometimes hang out in Kensington Market or walk the streets of Toronto people-watching, looking for inspiration for my next characters.

I completed my first novel when I was seventeen, but have decided not to publish it for now. Maybe one day I’ll give it a good re-write and publish, but for now I prefer to keep it to myself to remind me where I’ve come from and how much my story-telling ability has improved over the years.

I’ve decided to publish my debut book mentioned above at Smashwords. I spent hours researching various publishing options and have decided to be an independent author rather than limit myself to one publishing company. I’d love to hear other authors’ first-time experiences. Where did you publish? Do you wish you’d published elsewhere or are you still happy with your first choice?

I’m also looking for a good erotica writers’ group where I can learn from authors who are already established, so if you’re a member of one you love, please let me know where to find it. What should one look for in a good writers’ group anyway? What makes it good or bad?

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and getting to know new people!

Stay Sexy!

Here’s where else you can find me online:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/toni.plaisir

Twitter: @ToniPlaisir

Email: toniplaisir@gmail.com


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