Mind Matters, Book 2: Control – Teasers

Hi Randy Readers,

As regular followers of this blog are aware, the release of the second book in the Mind Matters series was delayed due to an accident involving my cat, a fly, and a fruit smoothie.

Here are a couple of short excerpts from the forthcoming Mind Matters, Book 2: Control.

Teaser 1

A stirring within the apartment caught Megan’s attention. She rapped on the door again. “You might as well open the door, Andrew,” she said to the wood. “We seem to end up together at some point anyway. Might as well get it over with.”

Stubborn wood caught on carpet as the door to Number 2 opened in a shower of dust and old paint particles. A tanned face appeared. “Hello? How do you know my name?”

Megan pressed Andrew back into his flat on the ends of her fingertips. “I know you really…” She slinked closer to him. “Really like this.” In a couple of slinks, she was upon him, soft fingers cupping his balls.

“I, uh, I can’t say that I’m against it,” he said, his voice quivering.

Teaser 2

Dust particles danced in the penlight stream that pierced the blackness filling the offices of Doctor Remsem. Lenisha bumped her hip. She wasn’t sure against what; it was too dim even with her flashlight. A hand appeared on her lower right cheek. Lenisha swivelled her head around slowly, pointing her light with the turn. “Is that appropriate? Really?” she asked.

Illuminated under the banner of her beam, Mo replied, “Sorry. Couldn’t see a thing.”

“Uh, huh,” Lenisha said. “Because I would break you. You know that, don’t you?”

“I– hey, did you hear that?” Mo asked. “It sounded like motors whirring in that corner of the office.”

Lenisha flashed her light at the teak bookcase in the corner. “You read, don’t you, Mo?”

They picked their way over to the wooden tower of books.

Mo became intrigued with finding an irregularity among the written works displayed before him. He tried to find something out of place while Lenisha attempted to grasp the titles of the books. Four eyes collided on the one thing that was not like the others.

“I read that,” Lenisha said, pulling a copy of Satin Sheets off the shelf. “What’s it doing in with all his psychology and psychiatry books?”

“He was turning people into vampire assassins?” Mo shrugged.

Lenisha thrust her long, flawlessly manicured nails toward him. “You read it, too,” she said.

“Five stars on Smashwords.” Mo shook his head. “Never mind the book,” he said. “What’s behind the book?” He snaked his bony hand into the slot behind where the book had rested. “There’s a switch or something back there.” Before he could take further action, the bookcase began to rise into the ceiling. He yanked his arm back.

Blubbery lips waved goodbye to each other as the primary chin succumbed to the force of gravity, taking all chins with it. “Another bookcase?” Lenisha asked. “Where did that come from? This is definitely not the bookcase that was just here.” She walked over and plucked another copy of Satin Sheets off the shelf. “See?” She was waving it at Mo when the bookcase slid sideways and vanished into the wall.

Expect Mind Matters, Book 2: Control to hit Smashwords’ shelves on October 25.

Stay Sexy!



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