Sex and Laughter

Hi Sexies,

Laughter may be the best medicine, but a rousing roll in the hay will put colour on your cheeks, too.

Sexual activities, for the most part, should be joyful. Granted, it’s hard to smile and laugh with a ball gag and nipple clamps in place. There are times when laughing and pointing would be deemed inappropriate. Just after your lover has revealed his family jewels may be the time for bending over, but not with laughter.

While it may be easy to know when to laugh (and how hard; ’scuse the pun) and not to laugh in a real life sexual encounter, it’s not always so easy in fiction writing. How much humour is just right and how much takes you right out of the story? Do you prefer none at all during erotic sex scenes in books? Does humour in the sex scenes of a novel give you something to spring on your lover, or do you find it distracting and entirely useless?

Please share your thoughts with me, and stay sexy!



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