Sex Tips #2: Kissing

Hi Randy Readers!

 ‘A kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a sigh. The carnal juices sure run high. As lips meet thigh.’

Okay, so the lyrics don’t go exactly like that, but I’m sure you can relate. Those revised lyrics serve to illustrate how many people attempt to dive into more advanced arousal techniques before they master the basics of lovemaking.

 Kissing, no matter which body part the lips are applied to, is a fundamental skill everyone should take the time to learn. Yes, I said learn. Just like walking or riding a bike, kissing is not something people generally excel at naturally. They think they do, but few do.

 Kissers come in different classes. There are the smash-mouths, who insist on pressing their lips into their lover’s as if attempting to squash their collective lips into pulverised meat. There are the limp lips who put up no resistance and are like kissing air or a wet fish. There are the gaping maws who fling their mouths open as wide as possible. There are those who drool and many others.

 There are various kinds of kisses, too. There’s the kissin’ cousins light lip touch; akin to a kiss on the cheek. Another example would be the quickie lover’s tongue dart. Then there’s the tongue only where you curl your lips over your teeth and just slither your tongues together. And, of course, there’s the deep, passionate soul-rending kiss.

 When it comes to kissing techniques, there is one basic way to test ability: mirror your lover. Match their movements such as the amount of pressure they apply and how far they spread their lips. (Hey! Eyes up here. Those are not the lips we’re concentrating on right now.) Once you have evaluated each other’s performance, you can figure out what requires improvement, if anything.

 Here’s my sure-fire guide to being a world class kisser:

1. Press your lips gently to your lover’s. Apply enough pressure so they feel you firmly, but not so much that you’re pushing their teeth in.

2. Open your mouth only slightly, hopefully in unison.

3. Glide your tongue slowly into their mouth and tease their tongue gently.

 Kiss with smouldering passion. Long, slow, lingering kisses should be your goal.

 Watch what you eat and drink before diving in. Chocolate goes a long way to improving kissing; garlic doesn’t.

 You must remember this: ‘A kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a sigh. To get more action from a guy, tell him you’re bi.’

 Happy Horniness,



2 responses to “Sex Tips #2: Kissing

  1. I love kissing. I think it’s one of the most erotic things to do. There’s so much you can do with kissing 🙂

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