Dress for Sexcess

Hi Sexies,

‘Clothes make the man’ is an old quote. It’s true. Clothes also make the woman.

Your choice of apparel sends a signal. It implies your mood. Show up in ass-less chaps and people will know you’re ready for action. Rear action. I can’t picture ass-less chaps without thinking of BareBack – I mean – BrokeBack Mountain. Putting on a skin-tight vinyl or leather outfit does not say ‘let’s make sweet, gentle love’.

Knowing the type of attire likely to turn on your lover is key. Take your choice in underwear as an example. For me, looking at a man, briefs are preferable to boxers. Maybe you enjoy mystery meat and flat, stale buns. If so, go with the boxers. Boxers are not sexy. Briefs are form-fitting. Does this moo-moo make me look shapely? Trust me. If your caftan is form-fitting, it’s time to cut down on the snacks. Giant chunks of cloth flapping in the breeze do not send thrills shooting through my libido.

A quick word to the guys about going commando. Unless you’re wearing a kilt, you’d better be giving your boys some support. Gravity will be yanking your acorns away from your oak soon enough. Some old men won’t ride escalators. The day may come when you’ll have to wear socks to have somewhere for your boys to go.

A word to the ladies: wear a bra. Yes, going without a bra is wonderful freedom, but you are also not immune to the affects of gravity. The day will come when you’ll wish you had given your girls more support. That pain beneath your left breast may turn out to be a trick knee. (Thank you Phyllis Diller.) Make sure your bra is fitted properly. Most women think they know their cup size and that’s about it. There’s more to it than that. Those of us in Toronto are lucky to have stores like Secrets From Your Sister, where they personally fit bras.

Wear a mask. Masks are sexy. Glasses are the smallest form of mask.

What are your dress for sexcess tips, ladies and gents? Do share!

Stay sexy!



2 responses to “Dress for Sexcess

  1. I fully endorse Secrets by your Sister. Love that store!!!
    One thing that turns me off is holes in the clothes. Doesn’t matter if your religious or not, your clothes don’t have to be holey.
    Muscle shirts on men are really great! Form fitting yummie!!

    • It is an incredible store, isn’t it? The women there really know what they’re doing. LOL @ form fitting yummie. It’s always a treat to get an idea of what’s inside the package before you unwrap it, or if you’re just window shopping.

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