Toni’s Sex Tips #1: Communication

Hi Randy Readers!

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Nowhere is this more vital than in sexual relationships. Being able to indicate to your lover what you like and what you don’t like will go a long way to increasing your pleasure.

Hurray for pornographic images. Now men have visual aids to help guide them to women’s more elusive bits. This has been a major step forward, but it only acts as a general representation. It shows men where to look. It does not, however, get into the specifics of each individual woman. That is why you have to show him and tell him. Strap him to your bed and spread your lips over his face. Use your fingers to point at the different folds and mounds. Imprint in his mind where he should lick, kiss and suck (and when). Give him verbal indications of what he is doing right and wrong.

Women and men are loaded with erogenous zones. We are all constructed differently, though. So what turns one person on may turn another person off. That’s why it’s important to let your partner know where to go and what to do.


Revel in the joy of exploration. Chances are there are bits on your body you have no idea will send you into heights of ecstasy. I’ll point out some hot spots of interest in the coming weeks.

The main thing is that you tell your lover. Don’t make them guess. You owe it to yourself to be specific. If you’re too shy to come right out and say ‘eat me’, you can always write it down. Cards with sexual activities on them are readily available (or you can make your own – use recipe cards to create your own spicy menu) and are wonderful for providing variety in the bedroom, kitchen, living room… You get the idea.

Like the husband who climbed into bed and handed his wife a glass of water and bottle of aspirins, to which the wife said, “I don’t have a headache.”

“Good,” replied the husband with a devilish smile.

You need to think ahead and communicate your desires.

Happy Horniness,



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