World Snake Day – Celebratory Free Story: SNAKE GOD

As some of you may already know, today, July 16, is World Snake Day.

This holiday is little known and it’s not clear how it began, but, considering humanity’s fascination with snakes, it seems like a good idea to clear the air about the true nature of our slithering fellow earthlings.

Snakes have a stigma about them that they are dangerous, but in truth, most snakes will only attack a person when they feel threatened. Only about a fourth of snakes are poisonous, but even those tend to avoid humans where possible, and most attacks occur when humans disturb a snake or unintentionally step on one. Wouldn’t you bite too if some giant oaf stepped on you? Ouch!

If you suffer from ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) or a mild variation thereof, consider that, without snakes, rodents and other pests would quite probably breed out of control – and we all know how debilitating that can be to humanity. Think diseases and crop destruction… So snakes help us to survive, in a sense.

So next time you see a snake, don’t rush to kill it – rather, avoid it if possible and, if you can’t and it’s in your home, place a blanket or other large covering over the snake, then put heavy objects around the perimeter to prevent the snake from slipping out. Once covered, the snake should calm down and be less of a danger, assuming, of course, it’s dangerous in the first place. Then call your local animal control and they will come and take it away safely, without harm to you or the snake. Obviously, if you find the snake in a drawer, leave it alone and call animal control. If it’s in the garden, just leave it alone.

I hope these tips are of help! To celebrate World Snake Day, I’ve just released a free short story, Snake God. Please go and download your free copy, and don’t forget to leave a short review if you enjoy it – I appreciate it!

Stay Sexy,


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