See Me Less, Enjoy Me More

Hi Sexies,

 You are going to be reading less from me so that you can read more from me. Confused? Let me explain.

Starting next week, I will only be posting a new blog once every week.

There are three reasons for this new, reduced blogging schedule.

The first reason is that it is summer here in Canada. Summer is usually a time for vacations and fun. This is not the case for me. The individuals and couples who seek my guidance become more frequent in the warmer weather. Folks come to me before setting out on their vacations. They want to clear as much of the air as possible and move forward in their relationships stronger and closer before being locked in airplanes and hotel rooms for extended periods of time without chance of escape.

The second reason is that the schedule of my editor has also become a bit hectic. Some of you may have noticed that whereas I am Canadian, my works are published in U.K. English. This is because my editor is my Aunt Clarisse, who lives in Great Britain. Most of the time, this is a wonderful arrangement. There are times, however, when we disagree on the use of certain words and phrases. This can cause some confusion in my readers who are not acquainted with both the North American and the British ways of writing. An example of this would be my use of the word ‘ages’ to mean a long time. Aunt Clarisse kept ‘correcting’ this to ‘an age’, as in ‘it seemed to take an age to achieve orgasm’; whereas I had written ‘it seemed to take ages to achieve orgasm’. Some of the cultural differences still make me snicker, like cars in Britain have bonnets and boots (as opposed to hoods and trunks), which makes them sound more like babies than automobiles. We are both familiar with how each culture uses these words, but sometimes these differences may bleed through in the final writing. Such is the case with ‘ass’ versus ‘arse’. In Canada, ‘ass’ is predominant, primarily due to the influence of American media (where fat asses abound). Aunt Clarisse is quick to point out that an ass is a donkey and an arse is what you place on a donkey. To quote Clarisse: “It is better for a man to lust after a woman’s bottom than it is for him to having longings for her livestock.”

The third reason is so that I can concentrate on writing longer pieces. If I’m busy composing posts for this blog, it eats into the time I have to write my novels, novellas and anthologies.

So now you know how my writing less will result in you having more of my writing to read.

After Snake God is published next week, expect a short erotic horror story soon, and then a kinky vampire assassin novel, and, of course, Mind Matters 2. Not necessarily in that order.

Incidentally, does anyone else write multi-genres? I tend to write in all the genres I enjoy reading, and there’s not much I don’t enjoy reading….

 Stay Sexy!



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