Cultivating a Catitude


Hi Sexies,

I love my little Rascal. Little did I know when I picked up the tiny Himalayan fuzzball from the Toronto Cat Rescue just how much she had to teach me. Yes, you read that right: teach me.

Rascal has taught me four main things:

1. Never underestimate the power of cute. A tilt of the head or pleading eyes will make even the toughest person eventually cave in and give you what you want.

2. Demand what you want. Know what you want and go for it, even if it’s just a pair of balled-up socks you want to bat around the floor until you can lift your paws triumphantly in the air and meow ‘goal!’ when you shoot it down the stairwell.

3. Be in the moment. Even the author of The Power of Now, Ekhart Tolle, will tell you that cats are the masters of ‘now’. Focus on what you are doing instead of what you should, or would like to be, doing. Do what you can when you can. This holds true for all situations, especially sex. I recently read some forum posts about what men and women think about during sex. No wonder their sex lives are suffering! Concentrate on the job at hand, or mouth, or other parts. Stop thinking about everything but the sex. Get into it. Thrill to the sensations.

4. Be sensual. Be tactile. Sight, sound, taste and smell are all wonderful for sex, but the sense of touch tops them all. Put on blindfolds and explore each other’s bodies. Eliminate the distraction of sight and allow yourself to truly feel.

These four tips have helped me immensely to get more out of sex and life. They will help you, too. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out what Rascal did with all my left socks.

Stay Sexy!



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