Romantic Reality

Greetings Kinky Kittens!

 There is a big difference between a romantic notion and romantic reality.

Take for sexample the elderly couple who thought it would be romantic to have sex against the fence again, just as they had fifty years earlier. A cop had overheard the couple’s plans and decided to have a laugh watching the two try to recapture their passion. The policeman followed discreetly and observed the two kissing gently before leaning back on the fence. The intense action that followed floored the copper. When the couple finally pulled themselves to their feet, he went over to them. “I’m not here to arrest you for sex in a public place,” he informed them. “But I have to say that was amazing. How do you keep up such a pace at your age?”

The old man admitted, “Last time we were here the fence wasn’t electric.”

The idea of re-creating a sexual escapade from their youth was the romantic notion. The electrified fence was the reality.

Sipping brandy while lying on a fur rug by a roaring fire might seem romantic. But no one thinks about the stink of the fire or the little embers that pop out and singe embarrassing places. Your lover might not like the taste of brandy. Worse still, they might be closet members of PETA and give you grief about the fur, even if it’s fake.

This is where planned spontaneity comes in. In order to take advantage of planned spontaneity, you have to know your lover. See my post about communication, coming soon. If you haven’t been listening and actively paying attention to your lover’s likes and dislikes, then you can’t use planned spontaneity. By knowing what will turn on your lover, you are better able to plan the perfect scenario.

That is the best way to bring your romantic notion into romantic reality.

Happy Horniness,



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