Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Bad Cheques

Hi Sexies!

Hot wax applied drop by drop on bound flesh is a turn on for some. Others find ecstasy in the burning sting of the lash. Smothering (in various forms), electricity and other sadomasochistic activities have thrilled lovers throughout the ages.

But what about depictions of more violent acts in erotic literature? Keep in mind I am talking about brutality that is not connected to sex in any way. These are not the actions of lover on lover.

While reading a piece of erotica, are you turned off by scenes involving rotting corpses, severed limbs, eviscerated bodies or fight scenes? Would you stop reading if you came across such a scene? Or would you take it all in stride, waiting for the next juicy morsel of sexual adventure?

Aggression takes many forms, both sexual and non-sexual. Here is a scene you may have read before:

Two nuns are driving along a country road at night. A vampire jumps on the hood. The nun driving swerves violently left and right in an attempt to shake the bloodsucker loose. Finally, she turns to her sister and commands, “Show him your cross!”

So the passenger nun leans out the window and shouts, “Get off our f***ing car!” LOL

My point is that scenes containing tension and aggression are inevitable in any story. A tale without conflict is dull. Now you tell me: how high should this hostility escalate?

Leave a comment to let me know how you feel.

Happy Horniness,


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