Hi there, Kinksters & Kinkettes!

Hi there, Kinksters & Kinkettes!

I’m an erotica writer whose debut book, Mind Matters, Book 1: Confusion is due to be published soon. It’s exciting times!

It’s also a time of fear and wondering if I’m truly ready to publish, but from what I’ve heard, most authors go through this their first time. For those who aren’t writers, think back to when you lost your virginity. It’s a surprisingly similar experience. Except it’s worse, in a way, because published erotica writers expose far more than their bare flesh; they expose their deepest thoughts and fantasies to the world.

I’m a motivational and relationship therapist by day, erotica author all other times, and I’m told I eat too much fruit (is there seriously such a thing as too much fruit?). Mind you, no one has ever complained about my banana eating, and I’ve popped a few cherries in my time. I enjoy my coffee, joe, java, mud or whatever you want to call the thick brown eye-opening elixir stronger than most can handle it, and as creepy and ‘stalkerish’ as this might sound, I sometimes hang out in Kensington Market or walk the streets of Toronto people-watching, looking for inspiration for my next characters.

I completed my first novel when I was seventeen, but have decided not to publish it for now. Maybe one day I’ll give it a good re-write and publish, but for now I prefer to keep it to myself to remind me where I’ve come from and how much my story-telling ability has improved over the years.

I’ve decided to publish my debut book mentioned above at Smashwords. I spent hours researching various publishing options and have decided to be an independent author rather than limit myself to one publishing company. I’d love to hear other authors’ first-time experiences. Where did you publish? Do you wish you’d published elsewhere or are you still happy with your first choice?

I’m also looking for a good erotica writers’ group where I can learn from authors who are already established, so if you’re a member of one you love, please let me know where to find it. What should one look for in a good writers’ group anyway? What makes it good or bad?

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and getting to know new people!

Stay Sexy!


2 responses to “Hi there, Kinksters & Kinkettes!

  1. check out http://erotica-readers.com/ERA/SiteMap.htm
    they have several lists that a lot of erotica writers share information on. What makes a good group depends on what you expect and need. Try several.

    Why publish just on Smashwords. Why not Amazon as well? It is fairly easy (not the first time. Little is easy the first time) and guarantees more readers. Just avoid the Kindle Select program as it requires exclusivity.

    And best of luck.

    • Thank you for your reply and the advice. I hadn’t thought of Amazon, but I’ve added them to my list now. The more exposure, the better!

      I think what I need the most right now is a group where I can ask questions about the dos and don’ts of what words are taboo in erotica writing and all the other do’s and don’ts… advice from people who have been publishing erotica for longer than me, basically (which is everyone, lol), and some general chit chat with other like-minded authors. I’d also obviously like a place to share my books once they’re published, or maybe to find beta readers before publishing. I’m going to take a look at that writers’ group you mentioned in a little while – thank you!

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